Maersk Line looking for business oportunities in Iraq

By Finance

Current days Iraq is looking too dangerous making business there. But for Maersk Line is looking safe for now, for that reason the company is opening office there. The economy in Iraq is growing at the moment and this is the right moment for investment.
The office was opened in January this year. This strengthened its sales presence where the market is expected to grow with fast speed. Maersk Line is at the moment the 5 biggest company in Iraq, having doubled its market share 2012 with 11%.
The office of Maersk Line is in the port of Umm Qasr, Basrah. Trading is developed quite well, all of the world is trading in that port. It is know that Iraq is not a good place for making business because of the delicate political situation. There is a great risk, but that is the situation now.
The new branch manager is exr Iraqi naval Captain Munthir Sabeeh Abdullah Al-Khalaf, who work for Maersk Line form February. He is ready to help the company and going to work hard for improving Maersk Line’s position in the market

Nowadays, the Iraqi market is served through some corridors - Jordan, Kuwait and Turkey furthermore the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr. Each corridor has their own individual advantages and Maersk Line work with the customers through all of them.