Illegal refinery in Nigeria

By Curious

11 people arrested with ship carrying 200 tons.
The Nigerian Navy personnel in the Maritime Guards Command of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) while on dairy patrol of the Lagos anchorage region stopped a ship, MT Floris transporting 185 tons (about over 200,000 liters) of suspected illegally refined Automative Gas Oil (AGO) on board.
The ship with an eleven sailors on board was stopped in the course of routine checks when the master could not give any papers showing the product it was carrying, point of loading and discharge destination.
While the crew was under interrogation at the Head Office of NIMASA, the master of the ship Mr. Martins Odedele told the illegality of the transaction but claimed that he was an emergency captain of the vessel and so was didn't know that the cargo was illegal.
He announced "I have been in school for about a year now and just came back last week. I was asked by the owner of the vessel to be the emergency captain and was given the coordinates to get to the location which I accepted in order to get some money for the family's upkeep. I never knew it was an illegal transaction until we got there and it was too late for me to disembark as I had to captain the vessel back to Lagos. I was going to disembark and go away before your men arrested us."
The master who informed that the ship was property of Jowal Dreams Marine Limited in addition confirmed that it was the owner of the company, Hon. Joshua Adewale that sent them on the mission. The result of contacting Hon. Adewale was negative.
Revelations has have been made that the product was loaded at Akassa, a place near Brass in Bayelsa State apparently from an illegal refining facility as the density of the AGO and its flashpoint are well below standard.
The master of the ship and the chief engineer Mr. Alex Ebinum have been led to the Naval Base in Apapa awaiting further investigations while the ship and the other 9 crew members are being detained by the police of the Maritime Guards Command at the Lagos anchorage.
Illegal transactions have made an increase leading to a big loss for the cotry. Investigations revealed that these illegal refineries take their crude by bunkering oil facilities and this business out of the law continues to flourish because there are people paying for the cargo.