Video: Operations at JAXPORT

By Curious

A recently posted video by JAXPORT shows operations at the port. 

Jacksonville Florida, known to be the home of one and a half million people, is the top container port in Florida. Jacksonville is basically a natural gateway due to the city’s location, coupled with the nation’s rail and highway network.

The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT), provides shippers with access to more than 120 million square feet of distribution center and warehousing space and that includes 31 million cubic feet of refrigerated cargo.

JAXPORT ‘s expert sales team provides various offers for customized shipping operations with some unique opportunities regarding cross docking, transshipment and distribution.

JAXPORT as mentioned above is located strategically in the southeastern corner of the US, which enables it to provide services from more than 36 daily trains via three rail lines.

The port has quite a balanced level of imports and exports so its containers, both, arrive and leave loaded.

Resulting from recent investments in its infrastructure, JAXPORT’s terminals have been greatly enhanced – the investments range from cranes to docks to rail and then there is also the newly authorized project aimed at deepening the federal shipping channel.

Given the fact that the channel is wide enough for two vessels to pass through it at the same time and it offers the best intermodal connections in the whole south Atlantic, one does not need to now much more to figure out why more and more shippers are preferring to use JAXPORT.