Good Maintenance Onboard Ships updated

By Curious

ClassNK has issued the latest version of Good Maintenance Onboard Ships (GMOS). It is a well written and easy to comprehensive checklist, which is to assist shipowners, crew members and shipmasters, in general everyone who has a key-functional role aboard.

The information listed in the new edition fully complies with the international marine standards and it is a product of many surveys and audits held through the years. Significant support in gaining the knowledge contibuted Port State Control (PSC). They have performed many inspections and gathered feedback from shipowners and mariners on topics like: Ship Security Management Systems; Safety Management Systems; PSC Inspections; Routine Maintenance.

What distinguish the Good Maintenance Onboard Ships 2015 edition is the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) checklist.

Tetsuya Hayashi, the ClassNK Operating Officer and Director of Survey Operations Headquarters, has published a statement which explains how seriously ClassNK cares for the safety of the mariners and ships sailing in the seas. Therefore they gave their best to support marine business by an easy to work with checklist, which would create a safer work place by popularising prevent maintenance problems before they interact.

ClassNK has already uploaded the The Good Maintenance Onboard Ships checklist on their website.