U.S. Navy to rename controversial Littoral Combat Ships as “Frigates”

By Vessels

Ray Mabus, U.S. Navy Secretary, commented on Thursday that the Navy would rename the modified Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) it plans to construct in coming years as “frigates”, due to the their superior capabilities.

“One requirement of the Small Surface Combatant Task Force dictated to have a vessel with frigate-like capabilities. My logic is, if it looks like a frigate, if it acts like a frigate, then why don’t we just call it a frigate ? ,” Mabus said at the annual conference of the Surface Navy Association.

According to Mabus the changed designation would affect mainly the next 20 ships that are planned for manufacturing, as the earlier Littoral Combat Ships that have been built or are currently being constructed, would be reclassified if and when they receive the necessary weapon modifications.

Trimaran hull of an Independence class LCS. Image: U.S. Navy