Polish Captain Sentenced to 3 years for Collision with Ferry

By Curious

Miroslaw Pozniak, the captain of the merchant vessel Union Moon, that floats under the Cook Islands flag, was departing from the port of Belfast when he hit the arriving ferry Stena Feronia on March 7th, 2012.
There have been fifty-one passengers and forty-seven crew members on its board and six people onboard the cargo vessel. Fortunately there were no injured people in the collision, however there was material damages to the both vessels.
The 2 vessels were closing to the fairway buoy which marks the beginning of the main channel into Belfast harbour. As the Union Moon passed the Fairway Buoy, she needed to have chanded its course to starboard on to an easterly heading, but unexpectedly changed course to port in to the port side of the comming ferry.
Captain Pozniak was pleading guilty at court in Newtonards on the March 12th, 2012 to breaches of the Railways and Transport Act 2003 by being 4 times over the alcohol limit. He has also been charged with failing to keep a appropriate lookout and to causing big damages to his own vessel and to the Stena Feronia.
The judge said, sentencing Mr Pozniac:
“I believe that any judgement cannot be suspended. This judgement makes it clear that the sequential of the regulations, both regarding to alcohol and also in relation to the charting and proper adherence to routes, is of essential importance. The ending of your thirty-year career and this judgement effectively demonstrate that.”
“The Captain Pozniak was given a custodial sentence of 12 months on each of the three counts to run simultaneously”