Fire on the Bulk Carrier at England was Coped

By Accidents

The crew members and firefighters coped a big fire on the bulk carrier Yeoman Bontrup which is registered on Bahamas, 96,725dwt, moored at the Glensanda Quarry pier on the Morven peninsula in Lochaber on July 2.
The Glensanda Quarry manufacture aggregates for the UK and European building industry and all the aggregates are shipped by sea, with Yeoman Glensanda which is operating 3 selfunloading bulk carriers.
The fire broke out at around 1530 in a conveyor belt used to carry aggregates from the quarry to the Yeoman Bontrup. The fierce fire sparked off an explosion involving gas cylinders which further injured the vessel. A man has been taken to hospital in Oban for healing and a number of the crew members were treated for minor damages and for the effects of smoke inhalation.
The Coastguard save tug Anglian Sovereign, 2,263gt, headed for the vessel, and overnight she carried out border chilling by spraying water on the vessel's hull to reduce the risk of further outbreaks of fire to the minimum.
Till the end of the day, the Secretary of State’s Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP) has been working with the vessel owners to arrange salvage of the bulk carrier and protect the port against pollution. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch had also been notified.