Panama Canal Pacific Side has its first gate

By Curious

Self-propelled motorized wheel transporters (SPMTs), each having more than 400 wheels, were used to move the first gate to its final location. It was installed on the new locks on the Pacific Side thus outlining a significant development for the Panama Canal Expansion Program.

Currently 85 per cent of the expansion was fulfilled. Lock head one was the name of the gate’s positioning. This was the first of eight gates to be placed in service at the Pacific Side of the canal. The steel-made propelling gate’s width was 8 meters, length was 57.6 meters, height was 22.28 meters and weight was 2.300 tons.

According to Panama Canal Administrator CEO Jorge L. Quijano, the final stage of the Expansion Program had progressed with the installation. The initiative would produce a significant effect on international maritime trade and would moreover place Panama at the logistic centre of the Americas.

The process of gates’ installation started in December 2014 at the Atlantic area where two gates had already been placed in service. At the final stage of the installation process, the two new lock constructions would possess 16 gates equally distributed on the Pacific and the Atlantic side.

Panama Canal Expansion Program Update - December 2014