USS Constitution Virtual Tour launched by Google

By Vessels

Google maps paid respect to world's oldest commissioned warship afloat- USS Constitution, by launching a virtual 360-degree tour experience on January 20th.

USS Constitution, the pride of the US Navy, is well recognized for her active interaction against global threats from 1797 to 1855. Today, she is a part of the Boston's Freedom Trail, where she is visited of more than 500,000 people each year.

To keep her glory, the authorities planned dry dock which is scheduled to start in March 2015. The restoration works on the 217 year old ship will last about three years. The renovation will affect the stern, the interior, the ship's hull and the cooper sidings which will be also replaced.

During that time everyone interested in navy history will have the unique possibility to take a tour on Google maps and even access places which are not allowed for the regular visitor aboard.

Deanna Yick, Google Maps Street View program manager explained that the decision to add USS Constitution to the short list of monuments,part of the virtual touring service offered by Google in 64 countries aimed to improve the possibilities which customers were given to visit places, which they might never have the chance to step on. This is part of company's mission to make the access to the World easier and more comprehensive.

You may also enjoy the virtual tour on USS Constitution by visiting Google Maps Street View, click " U.S. Highlights".

Source & Image: US Navy