European ship simulator hits stores next month

By Curious

Excalibur Publishing made an announcement that the European Ship Simulator will become operational on the 20th of February, commenting that this will be the official release date for the retail and digital editions of the transportation game for Windows as well as OS X.

The trailer demonstrates approximately eight minutes of gameplay at 60 frames-per-second, so you can basically sneak in a quick peak. 

The is basically a must-have Sim-like simulator that provides a closer look at six of the busiest ports in Europe and puts you in the role of the captain of a major variety of ships between Calais, Dover, Rostock, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Gibraltar. Sail on a passenger ferry, tugboat, bulk carrier, fishing boat, large ocean cruiser, LNG tanker, cargo container or speed boat while carrying out various tough missions.

Providing realistic graphics, a real-feel like ocean and highly detailed ports, one can find it quite difficult to tell if he is not really onboard and captaining a ship.

Video: European Ship Simulator

European Ship Simulator is a fresh breath of air in regard to the ship sailing genre, bringing in an innovative touch with its exciting plans for providing various expansions and downloadable content like new ports, vessels and missions for players to complete.


- Mission Editor – Create your own missions while adding changes in wind speed, weather effects and objectives

- Mission Mode Play – complete individual challenges and improve your time and score in order to receive a vast number of rewards

- Ship types include a fishing boat, container ship, tanker and ocean cruiser

- Available ports include Calais, Dover, Rostock, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Gibraltar

- Weather – a variety of ever-changing weather conditions ranging from bright, sunny days to dark, stormy nights that come along with stunning lightning and sound effects

- Physics – Battle and find ways to cope with realistic water physics in order to maintain control of your vessel