Ten missing as Unidentified cargo ship collides with a fishing boat near Jeju Island

By Accidents

Ten people are unaccounted for following a collision between an unidentified cargo ship and a Chinese fishing vessel, according to Yonhap.

The accident occurred on Thursday at around 8 pm local time when the flank of the 138-tonne fishing boat was hit by the cargo ship 160 km south of an uninhabited island near Jeju. The bigger vessel reportedly left the site right after the accident.

Three of the 13-man crew of the boat have been rescued by nearby boats. Among the ten missing are the captain and the chief engineer of the sunken boat.

The fishermen were about to anchor in adverse weather conditions when the cargo vessel rammed into the right side of the boat, according to the rescued crew. On board the fishing boat there were 30,000 liters of oil and 10 tonnes of fish.

In the ongoing search operation have been engaged South Korean patrol ships, Chinese rescue ships and nearby fishing boats.