Cargo Vessel Runs Aground Near to Western coast of Italy

By Accidents

A Panamanian trade vessel has ran aground off the western coast of Italy on Friday. All the twelve crew members on its board are safe.
According to the media statements, the 90-metre vessel “Mersa II,” that reportedly has been carrying approximately 3,000 tons of iron rods to Algeria, hit some reefs close to Elba’s island coast.
Elba island is a part of the same archipelago of Giglio island, where the cruise liner Costa Concordia ran aground last January and killed at least 30 people.
The “unexplainable” movement of the cargo vessel was probably due to a “human mistake,” according to the reports of the authorities. The accident caused a 3-metre leak in the vessel's hull, but fortunately there was no leakage of fuel for the time being.
The coast guard of Italy is observing the situation to fend any risk of pollution in the region, part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. There are 3 towboats, a special vessel and a helicopter that is being used for the operation.
“This umpteenth incident, that we wish is not going to have serious consequences, affirms the requirement to persuade the realization of a VTS (Vessel Traffic Service, that is a system designed to monitor the marine traffic) in the Cetacean Sanctuary,” stated Sebastiano Venneri, from Italy’s leading environmentalist association Legambiente.