Port of Amsterdam to become supervisor of Port of Cotonou renovation procedures in Benin

By Finance

Port of Amsterdam International (PoAI) has been selected by The Netherlands Embassy in Benin, to assist with the renovation procedures regarding the Port of Cotonou.

According to the stipulations of the deal, the PoAI will have to provide an implementation and master plan for the necessary upgrades and serve the role of project supervisor.

Adding to the above-mentioned requirements, the PoAI will give its assistance regarding the matters of the organizational and technical structuring, monitoring, quality management and support onsite, carrying out the project with its close network of Dutch and international partners.

Gert-Jan Nieuwenhuizen, director of the PoAI, commented :

“This project will eventually flourish into a master and implementation plan that will re-modify and completely change the Port of Cotonou, so that it would be able to achieve the necessary growth in order to drive the Benin economy.”

“PoAI’s focus for the moment is entirely aimed at West Africa on account of the existing trading relationship it has already established with the region. When Benin’s infrastructure has been upgraded, it will become far easier to increase the speed and efficiency of the port’s cargo transshipment.”

As of the moment, transshipment in the Port Autonome de Cotonou is over six million tonnes annually and according to recent plans this figure will soon be increased to approximately twenty million tonnes.

The port plays a significant part when it comes to the Benin economy as it is responsible for 60% of its GDP. Along with that it provides support to a few other countries such as Nigeria, and it is also the closest port for countries like Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Not long ago, the Port of Amsterdam signed a letter of intent with Gujarat Ports Infrastructure & Development, a subsidiary of India's Gujarat Maritime Board, according to which they will improve trade between Gujarat and Amsterdam and enhance their existing co-op.