Newest Carnival Cruise Liner with Innovative Social Media Strategy

By Cruise

For the Carnival Breeze's launching, the firm is taking an innovative approach with social media, demonstrating the new vessel with a series of video vignettes shot by a 1st-time Carnival cruiser Janell Wheeler that is going to document her experiences through the social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She also engage its fans with live Twitter chats and Google Hangouts, just like with interactive polls to define the next chapter in her exciting seagoing adventure.
The campaign kicks off June, 2 in expectation of the Carnival Breeze's introductory 12-day Mediterranean cruise that departs Venice, Italy, June 3.
Footage of Wheeler is going to be shot using a hand-held digital video camera, lending a spontaneous you-are-there feeling to the series. Viewers might tag along with former American Idol competitor as she prepares to set sail on the new cruise liner, following her as she leaves her hometown of Nashville bound for Italy, uploading images and videos, tweeting and interacting with the audience every step of the way.
Wheeler's experiences is going to be front and center as she gets viewers on a vortex tour of Carnival Breeze's many new facilities, with on-line polls that decide which of the vessel's many innovations she is going to experience next, from the Thrill Theater to the delicious new dining choices such as Bonsai Sushi and Fat Jimmy's C-Side BBQ. Viewers also have the opportunity to come along for some splash-tastic fun as Wheeler propels down the cruise 312-foot-long Twister water slide or gets a bird's eye view of the Mediterranean as she straps on a harness and gives the vessel's suspended ropes course a try.
Wheeler is also goint to be uploading photographs of her latest happenings via Pinterest and taking viewer questions live via Twitter. She is also going to host a live Twitter chat during the cruise. A YouTube playlist is also going to be created, which will provide viewers with an at-a-glance view of Wheeler's ongoing Carnival Breeze adventure.