Dutch-Swiss offshore company Allseas has decided to change the name of the largest ship in the world. Pieter Schelte is to be renamed to Pioneering Spirit.

Neglecting all the years of heavy criticism, Edward Heerema has been refusing to change the name of the notorious Pieter Schelte up till now. The construction of the vessel which has a length of 382 meters and is 124 meter wide began in 2007 and cost a total of €2.4 billion.

When the ship arrived at the port of Rotterdam for its final assembly in the Alexiahaven it was met by a strong wave of public protests. An even more intense public uproar began after Shell made an announcement that it was awarding the Brent Delta platform decommissioning contract to the Allseas’ vessel.

Pieter Schelte

Image: Arjan Elmendorp

The ship was named after company owner Edward Heerema’s father who during World War II was a Waffen SS officer and after the war ended was sentenced to three years in prison, out of which he served a little less than half.

Earlier during this week, Allseas made a statement that it doesn't intend to change the name of the ship after having the company’s owner Edward Heerema explain the reasons for naming the vessel in question after his father.

However, after having to deal with quite an amount of fierce criticism, the company has finally agreed to rename the largest vessel in the world.

“Resulting from the widespread reactions over these last couple of days, Edward Heerema, president of the Allseas Group, has declared that the name of the ship that is Pieter Schelte will be changed,” Allseas commented via a statement. “We have never intended to offend anyone.”