New Generation Catamaran RO-PAX Ferry Launched by Incat Crowther

By Vessels

Incat Crowther stated that the launch of the 24m Catamaran Ro-Pax Ferry, Runö. The ship has recently been launched by Baltic Workboats in Estonia and successfully performed sea trials.
Runö is the 2nd Incat Crowther-constructed ship to be built by Baltic Workboats, after Vėjūnas, that is a 24m Catamaran Scientific Research Ship. Runö is going to be managed in the Gulf of Riga, Estonia, among the mainland port of Parnu and the islands of Runhu and Saaremaa. Incat Crowther operates nearly with Baltic workboats to provide the build contract for Runö, that offers a ship based on Vėjūnas, which includes some refinements included the extensive use of pre-fabricated extruded panels.
In addition to passengers, Runö features a little cargo deck aft which deck might carry 2 passenger vehicles (up to 6.5m), a mini-van or deck cargo. These are burdened onto the ship either over the hydraulically-managed stern visor. An 8t-m Guerra M 75.90A1 Deck Crane handles the loading and unloading of mixed freight.

Upstairs, the wheelhouse properties are a guest lounge and navigation table. Good all-round visibility from the wheel seat assures safe berthing operations. Runö is also powered by a pair of Volvo D16MH R2 basic engines, and each produces 751hp. It is going to have a cruise speed of 22 knots and accomplishes a top speed on trials of 24.7 knots. Strengthened structure and associated foundations are included to permit 4-point lifting of the ship for shifting and dry docking. Incat Crowther is chesty of the maintenance offered to Baltic Workboats that permits them to efficiently build a competitive ship.