Russia's Navy is seeking means that will enable it to use nuclear power for fueling its brand new destroyers, as commented by Navy Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

According to the Moscow Times the admiral has said that nuclear power is among the top priorities for the new vessels which are still in their designing stages.

Image: Andrei Makhonin / Vedomosti

Usually nuclear power is used for vessels like submarines that tend to remain at sea for long periods of time. The concept, however, works well for Russia given the fact that it is searching for means to expand its current global reach with limited refueling facilities available beyond home shores.

President Vladimir Putin has set up an ambitious rearmament program, as four different types of submarines are now being built. Also Russia has high hopes that by the year 2050 it will have built a new fleet of destroyers and cruisers. There is also serious consideration of a new aircraft carrier.
More than 270 ships, submarines, as well as warfare boats are believed to currently be in active service in Russia’s Navy.