Somali Pirates released MT Liquid Velvet

By Piracy

MT Liquid Velvet a Greek-owned ship that was seized by Somali pirates was freed after a ransom was paid, according to information. The tanker is now known that is going towards the Oman coast.

The MT Liquid Velvet, a chemical Greek owned tanker with 21 Filipinos on board and 1 Greek, was detained by pirates last year in October.
The pirates demanded $8 million, but agreed to much lower, but undisclosed, amount.
All crew members are safe.
This vessel probably is used for mother ship.
The ransom comes as pirate hijackings in the area have declined over the last months due to the big presence of international naval vessels. Despite money paid out per successful hijacking have increased.
A week ago, military forces in the Puntland autonomous region of Somalia, started an attack towards a pirate leader in Somalia, according to The Associated Press, quoting an unnamed official in the government.