The Revolutionary Guard of Iran launches a large-scale naval and air defense drill close to a strategic waterway in the Gulf, in which a US aircraft carrier replica serves the purpose of a target.

Iran’s armed forces initiated a speedboat attack on a large US aircraft carrier model on Wednesday during military exercises that were being carried out in the Gulf.

The drill focused on practicing how to sink an American carrier vessel. There at least two American carriers patroling the Gulf at all times.

The exercise which was dubbed Great Prophet Nine demonstrated how the Revolutionary Guard’s naval wing would launch a “swarm” type attack, thus overwhelm the defenses of the carrier by dispatching several speedboats to converge on the ship from all directions.

“American aircraft carriers are large ammunition depots that are equipped with many missiles, rockets, as well as with torpedoes and everything else," commented Admiral Ali Fadavi, the Revolutionary Guard’s naval commander.

He further added to a state television that hitting a carrier vessel with merely one missile could lead to a “large secondary explosion”.