APL's US$196 million for the Upgrade of LA Port Terminal

By Finance

The Commission of Los Angeles Harbour has authorized the expansion of APL's Pier 300 terminal to enlarge its capacity to over 3.2 million TEU, that enables 57 % more calls and 65 % more cargo volumes on the expanded 347-acre site.
The commission has authorized the last environmental effect report and endorsed the proposed enlargement of the port's APL terminal operated by long-time tenant Eagle Marine Services.
Due to begin in late 2012, the US$196 million redevelopment of Pier 300, is going to add a further 1,250 feet of new wharf and 41 acres of backup yard, stated UK's Port Technology International.
"We are glad that we were had the opportunity to partner with Eagle Marine Services to shift this much-needed project forward," told LA Harbour Commission president Cindy Miscikowski.