Revolutionary SeaOrbiter Represents New Way Of Ocean Researching

By Curious

The center of this years’ Frances’ pavilion at Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea, is the SeaOrbiter ocean-going laboratory which might be researching the seas as soon as late next year.
For nearly twelve years SeaOrbiter, part submarine, part explore ship, has been a plain concept of French architect Jacques Rougerie. The design has recently been finished and it is expected to go into construction in October.
The ammount of the project is going to be around $43 million. The ship is going to be 58-metres in height, and is going constantly to conduct underwater researches. About 50 per cent of the ship is going to be under the water line. Ariel Fuchs, which is education and media director of the SeaOrbiter project said: “One of the 1st clinets is going to be the science community. “It’s designed to research the ocean in a new way, mainly spending time under the sea, giving people the opportunity to live under the sea for a very long time, to oversee, to undertake research missions, like maritime biology, oceanography and climate issues.”
The ship is designed to drift with ocean currents and produce the generality of its energy from solar, wind and wave power. A news project is underway to create a biofuel as the basic power source of the vessel. After the construction of the ship is finished, the vessel is expected to depart for Monaco.