The Iranian navy has forced away a pirate raid against a Filipino merchant ship. That has happened in the Gulf of Oman.

The merchant ship named Panama-Gade has made a request to the Navy for assistance after being assailed by a pirate group that appeared on speedboats. According to a report of Iran’s Fars news agency on March 8, the pirates have been made to flee away as a result of Iranian’s navy quick actions to defeat the attack.

After that, a special Islamic Republic Navy’s group of people has accompanied the troubled vessel to the Pakistan waters, in the words of the report.

Recently, Iran's Navy has been enlarging the size of its presence in international waters in order to safeguard maritime routes and supply security to tankers and merchant ships. In order to be part of the international struggle against piracy, the Iranian Navy has also been performing patrols against piracy in the Gulf of Aden since November 2008.

These patrols have been aiming to protect the maritime trade ships, particularly the tankers and ships possessed or rented by Iran. Iranian Navy’s actions in international waters have produced the result of defeating a number of raids on both foreign and Iranian tankers.