Korean chemical tanker Sun Wing caught fire at roughly 8 am local time on March 14th. The vessel was approximately 80 nm northeast of Busan, Japan Sea.

Sun Wing on fire

Sun Wing on fire Busan

Korean Coast Guard vessels along with helicopters were appointed to the vessel’s location. The tanker was found engulfed in fire and its 16-man crew (13 Indonesians and 3 Koreans) was succesfully evacuated – they were probably already aboard a life boat or on life rafts.

Three of the seafarers were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for burns, the rest of the crew are safe and without any injuries.

The tanker was carrying a load of nitric and sulfuric acid and is listing portside, some tanks have already been compromised and sea water is coming into reaction with the acid.

Sun Wing on fire acid leakage