Two Somali Fishermen Saved by Italian Frigate Scirocco

By Accidents

EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Italian frigate Scirocco has saved a small fishing vessel (skiff type) in distress with 2 Somali fishermen that have have been coming from the town of Alula, on the northern coast of Somalia, in the Bari region, that informed to be adrift since June 7th following an engine failure.
ITS Scirocco frigate vessel was doing a patrolling mission in the Gulf of Aden about 20 n.m. from the northern coast of Somalia, when the small fishing vessel has been watched with the 2 Somali fishermen onboard trying to capture the frigate's attention.
After the frigate's crew has provided the fishermen food, beverages and medical assistance, ITS Scirocco has provided technical assistance in an effort to fix the engines roblem. As the failure could not be done again at sea, the fishing boat was towed by Scirocco’s jet boat towards the Somali coast nearby of Alula, ensuring the safe transfer of the 2 fishermen.