NYK has made the decision of implementing a new employment scheme via the use of which Japanese seamen are going to be engaged to work strictly on vessels and not within NYK’s offices.

Grace Dahlia

Japanese seamen have traditionally been well regarded around the world for their teamwork initiative and skills, that are typically developed by them going through state-of-the-art education courses and training programs that are being provided at several renown maritime education institutions. As NYK becomes more active when regarding its LNG (liquefied natural gas) and offshore businesses, sailors that have acquired specialized knowledge and demonstrate top-level skills are becoming more needed.

So NYK is undertaking this move in order to fill positions that require seamen with particular technical expertise. The company’s new work-style will also help allow Japanese sailors to choose areas in which to settle and contribute to the local communities. Several officers’ and engineers’ employment is scheduled at the moment to start either from April or October of 2016.

NYK is going to continue its efforts of securing and training technically advanced non-Japanese seamen, who professionally man the bulk of the company’s fleet and it is going to also continue its numerous efforts of enhancing its employment methods in order to ensure stable transport services.