US Vessel that Collided a Rock in Kodiak will be moved on Friday

By Accidents

U.S. Army Reserve vessel which ran aground near Kodiak a week ago might be shifted by noon Friday.
By the statements the ship was headed to the village of Newtok to serve a project to construct a new town-site for the citizens there when it collided into a rock near Kodiak June 8, 2012.
An Army Reserve delegate stated preparations to shift the vessel were under way. Maj. Annmarie Daneker told additional staff and particuar equipment is going to be available in case more diesel fuel leaks when the vessel's shifted. Thousands of gallons leaked from the vessel's fuel tanks after the accident. There have been no information of it harming wildlife or habitat.
Daneker is saying that the vessel is going to be moved about 6 miles to a Coast Guard base. Divers are going to evaluate the damages by the accident.