New 6G Sonardyne Technology will be implemented bySonar Equipment Services

By Curious

Sixth Generation (6G) acoustic technology system is going to be ordered by Sonar Equipment Services, that has made its 1st order with Sonardyne International Ltd. that is based in Great Yarmouth, UK.
Sonar Equipment is a leader in supplying of high grade geophysical, oceanographic, ROV and hydrographic maritime research equipment to the offshore sector. The order for Sonardyne’s the most recent subsea navigation and information telemetry system that includes ROVNav 6 LBL transceivers and Compatt 6 positioning transponders.
Appropriately to accomplish the highest levels of equipment utilization, the sonar company - Sonar Equipment has choosed to equip its Compatts with the highest grade Paroscientific DigiQuartz pressure sensors, inclinometers and sound velocity sensors. These sensors are going to be added to the company’s rental pool from where it is going to be done available for global subsea positioning projects. 6G products utilize Sonardyne’s ultra-wideband width, digital ranging and telemetry protocols that have been developed to highten the exact, speed and trustiness of acoustic positioning and aided inertial navigation operations. The platform has been proven to deliver significant operational savings, allowing multi-user subsea construction research goals to be accomplished in less time than has been previously possible.