European Union air attack on Somali pirates

By Piracy

Today's airstrike on Somali pirates by a EU military helicopter shows that the EU more in line with US military methods in the region, but key differences in priorities remain. The raid, started from one of 9 European Union Naval Force military vessels guarding the Somali coast, destroyed 5 pirate attack boats and destroyed fuel supplies and a weapons cache, officials and witnesses informed. This all is a result of the EU force’s mandate, approved 2 months ago, that now gives the possibility to attack pirates base on sea but on the ground too.
Military leaders with the EU Naval Force, located in Britain, took pains today to stress that the operation was managed entirely from the air. “At no point did EU Naval Force ‘boots’ go ashore,” the force's press office told in a statement.
France is the only European country known to have ever sent military forces into Somalia, despite the fact that far more Europeans have been kidnapped than Americans. That 1 mission, to save a French family attacked on their yacht, ended in tragedy when the boat’s skipper, Florent Lemacon, was shot in the crossfire.
The European hesitation to plan attacks on the ground contrasts with the freshly redefined, more assertive US approach to combating Somalia's combined challenges of piracy and the radical Islamism (terrorism). In the beginning of the year President Barack Obama gave an order a small unit of elite Navy Seals deep into pirate territory in central Somalia to rescue Jessica Buchanan, an American aid worker, and her Danish colleague, Poul Thisted.
That was the 1st time that USA admitted that US forces were ashore in Somalia, but defense sources and Somali eye witnesses have reported on several cases in the past years that American soldiers have carried out raids in the region. This has always been not confirmed by US government.