Fire Onboard of a Cruise Liner in Germany

By Accidents

A cruise liner fire broke out on the board of CroisiEurope's MS Gerard Schmitter river cruise liner on Saturday, 16 June, according to statements.
The cruise liner has been preparing to dock around 9:00 p.m. central time Saturday evening in the German port of Krefeld, when a cable caused fire in vessel's technical room of the cruise liner's engine department, and has produced heavy, billowing smoke, according to a statement in the cruise trade publication.
Two rescue groups from the fire brigade for the city of Krefeld, that is northwest of Dusseldorf on the Rhine, have been able to promptly douse the blaze, is written in the statement. And passengers, that had been evacuated to the close restaurant and 2 waiting buses, were able to reboard the cruise soon after operations accomplished at 10:30 p.m.
There were no victims and even no serious injuries among the 154 passengers and 34 crew members on the board of the cruise liner, though a German police speaker stated that 1 woman, has been treated for shock, required a hospital visit, and that 1 crew member sustained little injuries during the vessel's evacuation.
Reportedly, the cruise liner is going to remain in Krefeld until Monday, although it is as yet not stated whether the vessel's French owners are going to continue the cruise.