Pirate raids go down

By Piracy

Pirate attacks in the period January-May this year has reduced significantly in comparison with the same period a year ago. Piracy is becoming weaker and weaker this is seen by the statistics. In 2011, the total raids in the time January-May was 176, while during the same time this year it is 30.
In 2009 there were 163 attacks and in 2010 the attacks were 174,- informed Rear Admiral Jean-Baptiste Dupuis, force leader, EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) operation Atalanta (Task Force 465) at a press conference at the French Embassy a day ago. Additionally this year the number of vessels that pirates have attacked during the same period has reduced to 5 while it was 25 last year.
As part of a absolute approach, the EU started European Naval Force Somalia -” Operation Atalanta (EU Navfor -” Atalanta) 4 years ago. Starting the launch, EU NAVFOR -“ Operation Atalanta continues to favorably perform its operation and contributes to making save the coast of Somalia and in the Indian Ocean. The Council of the EU has make a decision to extend the operation until December 2014.
The French vessel FS Marne is the new flagship of the EU Naval Force, Somalia, leaded by Rear Admiral Jean-Baptiste Dupuis. The FS Marne has strength of 215 personnel on board, among them 30 are force headquarters staff, from 8 different countries.
France is now leading Task Force 465, European Naval forces challenging piracy off the coasts of Somalia. Plus France, EU nations like Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands have located vessels and aircraft.
At present, pirates are holding 7 ships and 213 people as hostage.
Rear Admiral Dupuis told, "The monsoon period is always a great period as it generally coincides with an increase in the number of attacks.-He also said that "piracy now seems more organized than it was before.