The Danish Maritime Authority has issued its annual report, according to which the gross tonnage that was registered in the Danish Registers of Shipping has managed to overtake the previous record with a gross tonnage in the amount of 14.9 million in 2014, which is a bit low when compared to the almost 13 million that were accounted for in 2013.

“The Danish merchant fleet has managed to evidently increase, which is definitely a positive sign when regarding the numerous challenges that the shipping industry has had to deal with. This development directly points to the fact that due to the continuous efforts of the Government via its Plan for Growth in Blue Denmark, the situations is beginning to get brighter. The plan was set to focus on supporting Denmark’s already strong maritime cluster in its international competition endeavours during the course of 2014 and is ready to further solidify that support in 2015,” commented Andreas Nordseth, Danish Maritime Authority Director General.

Danish merchant fleet  increased markedly

Photo: Nikolaj Jepsen

When regarding the past accounting year it is duly noted that it registered a slight surplus of DDK 1.7 million. The Danish Maritime Authority performance contract’s overall mark for 2014 was pinpointed at 90.75 on a scale of a 100, which according to DMA is a good score.

2014 was a year in which the Authority put a major part of its focus into efforts to reduce the time it generally spends while considering cases.

In regard to safety aspects, the report clearly displays that 2014 can be deemed as being a satisfactory year, going by the total number of Danish ship detentions in foreign ports. Although non-conformities and defective issues were stumbled upon on a larger number of Danish ships if compared to the previous number in Tokyo MoU, exactly as how the yearly decrease regarding the rate of major occupational sea accidents was not continued in 2014. DMA has come out and commented that all the listed aspects are of great importance and it will emphasize on solving them with even more vigor in 2015.

Source: DMA