Officials of Port Rotterdam in Netherlands and the Maritime and port Authority of Singapore (MPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today.

The agreement calls for the exchange of marine services information and a joint working relationship in an effort to deal on research and development (R&D) plans.

The memorandum of understanding was signed in Singapore. In the official meeting, the agreement parties were represented by Allard Castelein, CEO and President of Rotterdam’s Port Authority and Andrew Tan, chief executive official of MPA. The agreement purpose is R&D plans to be brought together in areas of service, to work for optimization, efficiency and new improvements in the port sector and maritime sphere.

Meantime, on April 20, the Singapore Port Authority (MPA) also held the inaugural Port Authorities Roundtable including the 10th Singapore Maritime Week 2015. Port officials from all parts of the world participated to the closed-door event, such as Port Klang Authority (PKA) from Malaysia, Port Busan Authority (PBA) from South Korea and Port Antwerp Authority (ARA) from Belgium.

At the meeting, representatives discussed areas of cooperation between the ports, they shared their views on best practices and pertinent issues, also the interconnected system between the different port authorities.

The chief executive of MPA, Mr. Tan said:

"The inaugural PAR provides a suitable platform for port authorities to discuss how we can be better prepared for the evolving challenges posed by changing trade patterns, larger ships, and mega-alliances, as well as growing pressures on ports to meet the future needs of the maritime industry. It also allows us to exchange best practices and new ideas, thereby providing more opportunities for future collaborations."

In addition to the previous discussions, at the closed-door meeting were mentioned subjects like improvement of port safety, efficiency, keeping up to date with new developments, the adoption and exploiting for best advantage of those technologies and infrastructure in ports.