A 621-foot cargo vessel ran aground close to Wellesley Island in St. Lawrence River on Monday.

Video: Jeffry Weldon

The Juno bulk carrier, registered under Bahamian flag, is stranded in the sands of the river under Thousand Islands Bridge near Alexandra Bay, New York. The vessel suffered breaches, a slight portside list and water ingress in the forepeak. No crew injuries or oil spillages from the cargo ship were reported.

On 20 April, the Juno bulker was on its way to Toronto transporting cargo of sugar when the incident occurred.


Around 1:10 a.m. local time, a watch-stander at CG Sector Buffalo received information from the Seaway Development Co. of St. Lawrence of a cargo carrier that was stranded near the Thousands Islands Bridge. The vessel did not contact the bridge.

The presumed caused for bulker's grounding is a steering failure. Near the incident location, the vessel navigation has temporary been suspended.

Three other ships are waiting in line for permission to pass through the channel.

U.S. Coast Guard inspectors from the Massena CG Marine Safety Detachment in New York together with SLSDC officials are on board of June bulker to investigate what have caused the incident.

Current position of Juno