The Information of Fire on Carnival Breeze Overblown

By Cruise

Internet networks are abuzz of notifications of a fire on the board of the Carnival Cruise Lines' new liner - Carnival Breeze but the information is, shall we say, somewhat overblown.
Passengers on the board of the cruise liner are saying: "an alarm alert went off in a crew members space. While it was not a false alert, it didn't mean to much. No one batted an eye and didn't even stop swimming and lounging, but the Breeze's cruise director, John Heald, and Captain Vincenzo Alcaras informed us two times."
Actually, the speaker of Carnival Cruise Lines, Joyce Oliva gave information that "a fan belt in an air conditioning unit in a crew members area overheated and started generating smoke. There hasn't had any kind of actual fire and no smoke disturbed the guest areas. The cruise liner's crew members reacted promptly and all is well."
Statements of the fire, tweeted on Twitter, published on many blogs and even in a big trade magazine, were triggered by the summons of the vessel's Alpha team (a fire squadron) at 8 a.m. vessel time over Breeze's public address system as it was floating at sea on its way to Dubrovnik.
In the 2nd and last statement, the captain assured the cruisers that the cruise liner was back to normal.