An accident occurred while a pilot was boarding a vessel – he suffered a concussion as a result of it. A modified ladder hull magnet device unfortunately detached from the hull of the ship and hit the pilot on the head.

It is an unfortunate situation that has not occurred only once – incidents involving injuries have also taken place on other various ships at several ports. In each of the cases in question the hull magnets responsible for causing the incident had been previously modified.

It is important to note that after the hull magnets were restored to their original design there were no reports of any other problems occurring. Hull magnets are fairly easily used – if you put two of them in the proper position they are able to provide a substantial holding force.

All of the incidents where the magnets disconnected unexpectedly from the vessel’s hull featured the same scenario – using only one securing magnet, that had been placed between the ladder’s rails and that was modified and deviated from its original design.

That is why it is important to point out that specialized embarkation equipment is to be operated with as stipulated by the instructions issued by the manufacturer and one must never modify it on their own. There should be regular inspections regarding ship boarding equipment and all modified tools should be returned back to their original design in the way they were intended to be by their respective manufacturer.

Source: Nautinst