EU investigating the connection Italian mafia and Somalian pirates

By Curious

The EU special emissary for Somalia is searching for information about that pirates are in connection with Italian gangsters on toxic waste.
The Paris-based criminologist, Michel Koutouzis, who investigates for the UN and for European Union, wrote about the problem in a new book - Crime, Trafficking and Networks - published in May this year.
He told crime organizations in south Italy - the Camorra, 'Ndranghetta and La Sacra Corona Unita - supply Somalian warlords with black market small arms from the Western Balkans in return for permission to dump waste.
"Tonnes of waste are discharged every year off the coasts of Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea under the noses of countless warships which control sea freight in the Read Sea and the Gulf of Aden," he informed.
He told also about the practice has been going on for months: a United Nations report in 2005 announced the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami broke up deposits of lead, cadmium and mercury as well as hospital and chemical waste, which washed up on the shore near the cities of Hobbio and Benadir, causing the death to 300 people.
EU's special emissary for the Horn of Africa, Alexander Rondos, a ex Greek diplomat, said the book has come to his regard.
For the moment there are enough evidences for Italo-Somali link.