The Derna Port in Libya unloaded the first tanker after the incident in January when a Greek-owned tanker was bombed by a fighter plane of the Libyan military forces.

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) informed that the Maltese-registered Naftilos delivered the previous week a heavy-fuel cargo to the power plant in Derna. The released news were signaling to the oil market that the security situation in Libyan ports is improving.

VF tracking data shows that the tanker built in 2003 is currently underway in the Aegean Sea with last port of call Istanbul.

At the time of the attack, on 4th of January this year, the 28,610-dwt MT Araevo owned by the Greek Aegean Shngipping, was struck in the front with two bombs while it was being laden with 12,600 tonnes petrol oil. Two sailors died and two more were wounded.

Back then after the attack, the Libyan Air Force issued a notice saying that any vessels approaching the port of Misrata, Libya would be subject to airstrikes. The notice entered into force on 9th of January 2015 and until now the foreign shippers have stayed clear from the ports.

The war-torn Libya has seen numerous airstrikes, launched by the internationally recognised government, against Islamic State militants in Derna city.

According to the world’s news agencies, the most recent attacks, on Monday and Tuesday this week, were launched at militant positions in Derna.

During the last four years, since the ousting of Muammar Gaddafi, the lawlessness in Libya, the political chaos and the armed clashes between both opposing governments, which are trying to take the control over the country, have never been stopped.

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