China's submarine went to 7,000 Meters under water

By Curious

Chinese manned submarine 'Jiaolong' (mystical dragon) succeeds in reaching 7,020 meters in its 4th try into the Mariana Trench.
'Jiaolong's went under 7,000 meters, showing that the submarine was functional and the performance of the team improved constantly.
Reaching the 7,000-meter barrier is a prove that China has obtained the capability of exploring 99.8 percent of the deep ocean with manned submarine. This is a technological miracle.
Among about 90 manned submersibles in service trough out the world, only twelve can go under water to 1,000 meters and even fewer can dive deeper. Before China's tries, only manned submersibles of the United States, Japan, France and Russia have dived below 6,000 meters.
China constructed Jiaolong in 2002 and its first 1,000-meter dive try was conducted 3 years ago. All the designs and core technologies were created by Chinese scientists.