Ampere, the first in the world electrical car and passenger ferry, is already in operation in Norway. The unique vessel transports up to 120 cars and 360 passengers completely emission free.

The Norled ferry needs only 150 kWh per route – the standard three-day electricity usage of a household in Norway. 

The ferry is has been built by shipbuilder Fjellstrand. The complete electric propulsion system, BlueDrive PlusC, was installed by Siemens. It comprises a battery and steering system, an energy management system, thruster control for the propellers and alarm system, which is integrated.

The charging stations with lithium-ion batteries, also installed by Siemens, are charged from hydro power. They are housed in small buildings with size of newsstands.

The battery packs are three - one lithium-ion battery on board the Ampere, and one at each pier to serve as a buffer. Each of the packs correspond to 1,600 standard car batteries effect. The recharging of the onboard batteries is at night, when the vessel in not in use, directly from the grid.

Ampere has a length of 80 meters with width of 20 meters. Made exclusively of light aluminum, its weight as half as that of a conventional ferry.

The concept as revealed by the shipbuilder: