Satellite AIS global data

By Curious

Europe is planning to make possible receiving AIS data globally. In comparison USA has several problems with watching the sea.
Orbcomm with his partner LuxSpace will receive more accurate AIS satellite data. AIS data will be supplied by 18 additional satellite equipped with AIS technology.
The data provided will lead to monitoring fishing activities, piracy threats, missing people etc. As we know terrestrial AIS data from the receivers has range of 20-30 miles.
The AIS data will help government structures for fighting those violating the law of European Union.
Vessel tracking with satellites will be available for all in near feature. This fact is a little bit frightening for those who are located on the ships. Everyone will know their exact location in every moment.
This AIS satellite tracking has more advantages than disadvantages. For example ships in trouble will be located in short time, lives could be saved.