The first 18,800 TEU LNG-ready ultra-large container carrier in the world, M.V. Barzan, recently was officially named during a ceremony that took place in South Korea. The vessel comes along the lines of a total of 17 (11x15,000 TEU and 6x18,000 TEU) high-tech all new container vessels that are to be constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries to serve the purposes of United Arab Shipping Company (UASC). The vessels are to begin their respective operational life with IP connectivity via the use of Marlink VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal).

Due to its viable broadband, the brand new generation of container carriers is able to stay online and maintain a connection to shore at all times, thus providing for UASC to integrate some new highly-developed applications and processes that are to save the company time as well as money, while still managing to improve the vessel’s and in general the fleet’s performance.

UASC’s plan to equip its new vessels with Marlink VSAT is part of the company’s efforts of constructing a new fleet that will consists of the most eco-friendly, eco efficient, technologically advanced containerships in the whole world. The above-mentioned IP connectivity, which was made possible by Marlin VSAT services, is going to enable the company to manage various aspects of the engine’s performance as well as monitor emission levels, thus it will be able to adjust voyage parameters per each vessel and use as basis trends demonstrated throughout its fleet. Additionally, UASC’s electronic document handling systems and fleet management system are to be enabled, while also establishing a significant bandwidth for crew-related communications.

UASC will get to enjoy the many befits of unlimited traffic volume regarding its Marlink VSAT services, with a defined Committed Information Rate (CIR) that guarantees data speed levels. The company has decided to go along with Airbus Defense, a Marlin parent company, and Space’s SkyFile Mail solution, which are going to be employed for the purposes of sending e-mail letters and important data such as fuel monitoring statistics, data regarding engine performance specifics and GSP updates. All of these can be used towards reducing operational cost levels and improving efficiency. Additionally, the XChange communications management platform, which comes along the lines of Airbus Defense and Space, will provide for high-end crew welfare functionality. An MSS back-up system was chosen to complete the whole package and make sure that there are no connectivity-related issues.