On May 2nd, Teekay’s Arendal Spirit, the company’s first unit for maintenance and safety (UMS), arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The unit was transported via a heavy-lift vessel, with the journey taking up to 38 days.

The ship was anchored and subsequently offloaded from the heavylifter, after travelling all the way from the COSCO China-based shipyard.

COSCO built the vessel in 2014 and subsequently delivered it to Teekay in February of this year.

Arendal Spirit is going to be thoroughly tested before going to Petrobras under the stipulations of a charter contract for the duration of 3 years.

The design of the vessel uses as basis the cylindrical hull design of Sevan Marine, and offers a stable platform with high uptime and a high storage capacity level.

Arendal Spirit features 500 beds located in 248 cabins that come along with daylight windows, en-suite bathrooms, lounge areas, office areas that include television, internet and telephone connections, a cinema and a café.

According to schedule, the remaining two units should be delivered by the year 2017.