Cruise Ship helps Sailboat Crew

By Cruise

'Norwegian Star' (owner Norwegian Cruise Line ) helps people of sailing yacht NW of Bermuda in a USCG coordinated AVMER effort.
Coast Guard was informed from crew aboard the sailing ship Avenir that they couldn't do anything, adrift and had crew members needing medevacs, adding that they had been disoriented their rudder and 3 of the 6 people showed symptoms of dehydration and seasickness.
The Coast Guard sent out a group call and used AMVER, the Automated mutual-assistance vessel rescue system to make a connection with the ships in the region. The cruise ship Norwegian Star was first ready to help and took course to aid the disabled yacht, and later fortunately took the crew off.
“The support the Coast Guard receives through the AMVER program is unprecedented,” told Lt. Christopher Svencer, a Coast Guard 5th District watchstander.
This is the 2nd rescue within 3 days that AMVER has assisted those at sea.