Is the Ro-Pax of the Future going to be equipped with rotor sails?

Judging from a teaser image that Finland-based Deltamarin released the answer seems to be Yes. The company is to reveal more thorough details and information regarding the design on June 4th at an event that is to take place in Oslo, Norway. The event in question is being set up in conjunction with the Nor-Shipping exhibition.

Deltamarin to reveal new Ro-Pax design

“Due to help given to us by our partners the Ro-Pax design comes equipped with the latest in the field of enviro technologies,” Deltamarin commented.

The company, however, did not elaborate on who those partners are. It won’t come as a big shock if it turns out that they are another Finland-based company, Norsepower Oy, which was established back in 2012 for the purposes of developing, testing and piloting the Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution.

Still, there is room for surprise, with all being cleared up on June 4th.