First US Port to Implement New Terminal Management Solution - SPARCS N4

By Curious

Port of Richmond, is the 1st Virginia sea terminal to Implement the system Navis SPARCS N4 for advanced terminal logistic operations.
Navis, which is a part of Cargotec Corporation providers of technology for the movement of cargo over the terminals, stated that Richmond Marine Terminal, in Richmond Virginia, went live with Navis SPARCS N4.
The Port of Richmond is a barge terminal managing containerized, break-bulk and bulk cargo through all modes of transportation, situated 70 miles inland.
The Harbor of Virginia selected Richmond as a stepping stone to push Navis SPARCS N4 at its other sites. Substituting a legacy home grown solution, SPARCS N4 is going to help Richmond Marine Terminal to better operational efficiencies, such as manual data entry. With SPARCS N4, terminal operators will have the opportunity now to perform real-time data entry using N4 Mobile which is enabled iPads at both the barge and gates. As a result, Richmond Marine Terminal is going to better productivity, save costs and improve customer service overall.
Norfolk International Terminal is going to be the next facility to use Navis SPARCS N4 in May 2013. The highly intricate operation is also going to utilize Navis solutions for automated gate, GPS, rail auto stow and more.