Belgian ship arrested for oil theft in Bayelsa

By Curious

Nigerian Navy took into custody MT St Vanessa crew for oil theft.
The Nigerian Navy has announced about the arrest of a Belgian ship, MT St Vanessa and its 15 member crew for alleged oil theft in Bayelsa.
The navy told the vessel was stopped off the Brass/Akassa coast in Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa.
People in the crew 6 Romanians and 9 Philippines, was stopped on Tuesday by men of NNS Zaria (a naval vessel) stationed at Brass.
Information from the naval officer, the Belgian vessel make a try for escape but the Nigerian naval vessel caught up with it. MT St Vanessa didn't want to stop and instead decided to speed off. NNS ZARIA started a pursuit and after about 3 hours, was eventually able to effect the arrest of the ship.
First there is an investigation by the naval authority confirmed that MT St Vanessa was directed by her owners to roam about the waters off Akassa without clear information of the specific task to perform therein, an mark that the ship was preparing to engage in illegal operations.