MOL LNG Carrier under pirate fire

By Piracy

Some shots fired from the pirates hit the vessel.
Pirates have decided to shoot over an MOL LNG carrier off the coast of Oman.
They used guns and rocket propelled grenades at the 126,300-cbm LNG Aries (built 1977) near Masirah Island 24 hours ago.
Information from the IMB, who did not identify the ship, 3 shots from the gang hit the vessel.
The incident frightened the LNG sector which jealously guards its strong safety record.
Accounts of the incident suggest 5 or 6 pirates in the skiff moved alongside the ship which was sailing in winds of up to force 7.
Nevertheless, it is not known if there was any damage with an inspection not possible until weather conditions are good.
It is known that there were no gurads to protect the ship on board the LNG Aries, which was carrying with a cargo bound for Suez. The people on borad are safe.