Somalia's president told that they need weapons to deal with the pirates

By Piracy

Somalia can destroy piracy in a year if they have the weapons and the funds they need.
"Give us the weapons and we can beat pirates", told Somalia's president.
Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, president of Somalia's transitional federal government, yesterday told the international community to spend money arming his navy.
"These pirates do not live at sea; they live in Somalia. Who better to battle them than the people of the land," he announced in front of 400 delegates at the 2nd UAE Counter-Piracy Conference in Dubai.
Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, agreed that a regionally led solution was very important for all. He announced that the UAE would gave Dh3.67 million to finding a home-grown solution.
"The UAE is pleased to inform a contribution of US$1million to maritime forces in Somalia to enhance counter-piracy actions and help bring peace," he informed. "This conference is an announcement that regional partners will from now on work together to maintain the security of the region."
200 people are being held hostages by the Somali pirates information from the European Union Naval Force.