The naval exercises of the Russian Northern fleet have been completed, the Defense Ministry’s head of the Northern Fleet’s press service said on Tuesday.

According to Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga, part of the naval exercise were anti-ship, anti-submarine drills with torpedoes and depth charges.

In a designated area of the Barents Sea, Kola Flotilla ships from various forces of the Northern fleet, were part of search and strike groups, searching for submarines.

Russian naval exercises in Barents Sea completed

Image: Russian Defence Ministry

During the military exercise, the search and striking groups of navy vessels conducted anti-ship maneuvering.

Meanwhile, Russian anti-ship aviation was included in the submarine searching.

During the drill, torpedo firings and depth charges were also used in the exercises.

Another naval exercise between the naval forces of Russia and Norway took place in Barents Sea last week. The main subjects of the two-day military exercise were at-sea rescue operations and training to clean up oil spills.

The aviation arm of the Russian Northern Fleet also held training exercises over the Barents Sea in April.

Russian naval forces hold drills regularly in the Barents Sea, above the Arctic Circle, as the country looks to boost its presence in the Arctic region.