Carnival Cruise Company Pushes 'Pitching to Cruise Rookies' Series for Agents

By Cruise

Carnival cruise company is fostering travel agents to “pitch” to cruise rookies with a new summer string of baseball-themed short movies, quizzes and scavenger hunts that consist proven tips for sales from the cruise company and a diversity of travel agents. The series are going to comprise 9 innings over 9 weeks and secure agents with an opportunity to earn up to 5,000 points in the Rewards Program made to motivate Carnival’s Travel Agents via particular codes at the end of every inning. Agents that accomplish all 9 innings are going to be automatically entered to win a week Caribbean cruise for a couple.
“I feel the majority of the year and what I hear mainly from travel agents is that one of the best chance for growth out there is within cruise inductees,” told Carnival’s vice president, Joni Rein. “We accede and, based on industry evaluations, there are two hundred twenty million people that have never been cruising in the United States. This summer series is all concerning to getting back to the basics and helping associate restrict their focus and have fun until finding cruise inductees right in their own backyards and communities."
The 1st inning, that was pushed last week, features a short movie of Rein as a pitching coach that gives a pep talk to her team at a baseball field. Travel agents could start the series at every time and revisit innings they can have missed. The agents are going to find particular codes at the end of each inning, that they can enter in the Rewards Program for Travel Partner for points through September 2. Participating agents that have accomplished all 9 innings can win up to 5,000 points in the Rewards Program and be automatically entered to win a 7-day cruise for a couple with Carnival Caribbean. New innings are going to be pushed each Wednesday through August 22.